"A soldier is just as good as the equipment he takes to war"

Welcome to RamPiping Systems

One of the key considerations when seeking the right partner is the extent to which they can provide you with critical skills needed to ensure satisfactory outcome to the proposed project. Failure to understand what their capabilities are, could result in serious consequences in the effective implementation of the project.

The market is riddled with examples of large contracts and projects that have been delayed or halted due to the lack or unavailability of needed skills and expertise. The wrong decision could to all intents and purposes cost millions in lost revenue and profits.

RamPiping understands these concerns and we have taken care to assemble an expert team to assist you in every aspect of the project.

Thermoplastic and Ferro Steel Piping is our business. Our expertise and skill allows us to provide specialized construction services in the Piping fields. We have been servicing the Mines, Mining Houses, Mining Plants,

Civil Houses and Gasline installations since our inception. We have extensive experience in the Platinum, Gold, Coal and Diamond Sectors.

We operate throughout the Southern African Regions and are currently busy with expansion into the rest of Africa.