"A soldier is just as good as the equipment he takes to war"

Safety Regulations

Accidents are the result of human ignorance. One accident is one too many. Safety of both employee’s and assets can never be compromised. The lack of emphasis on safety easily leads to injured or killed workers, equipment accidents, and loss of production, increase costs and reduced profits. A small accident could results in the shutdown of a work site and irreversible damage to the project and the company.

RamPiping has a zero tolerance philosophy to safety issues and have taken measures to ensure that it is the number 1 concern for all our employees. We developed and implemented our internal safety manual which complies with all legal requirements. We have regular safety audits which are conducted on our behalf by external accredited organisations.

Without the supply of quality products and services many projects would never see completion. Too many companies have been caught by the promise of quality products but the delivery of inferior substitutes.

RamPiping has its own internal QA manuals and systems which are based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2001. We are committed to provide products and services that not only meet our QMS procedures but also compare with world class requirements.

Employees are encouraged to vigorously analyse our procedures and we reward employees for quality
related objectives and goals. We provide compulsory and regular training to all our employees on all aspects of the Quality Management System.

We are in the process of building our data base to be audited against the ISO 9001:2001 standards. We are also in the process of working towards an ISO 18000 rating in the near future.

Quality Assurance

Quality delivered is quality assured. The lack of adequate quality control could lead to undue cost and implementation problems that are not easily fixed.