"A soldier is just as good as the equipment he takes to war"

Products & Equipment

Our Equipment
Our equipment is regularly assessed and maintained to ensure it is always in good working condition.

RamPiping has the following major equipment items to its disposal to ensure we are capable of meeting the needs of our customers in an expanding and growing environment.

• 3 LDV’s
• 1 three tonner truck
• 10 plastic welding machines
• – 2 x 315 machines (Range 110ø – 315ø)
• – 1 x 200 machine (Range 90ø – 200ø)
• – 1 x 250 machine (Range 90ø – 250ø)
• – 1 x 500 machine (Range 200ø – 500ø)
• – 1 x 630 machine (Range 285ø – 630ø)
• – 1 x 160ø machine (Range 95ø – 160ø)
• – 2 x socket welding sets (Range 20ø – 110ø)
• – 1 x electrofusion welding unit (Range 20ø – 710ø)
• 5 fabrication tables
• Various additional heating plates for different size fabrications
• 6 x steel welding machines
• Various large hand power tools

The supply of continuous power cannot be guaranteed today. Without this valuable resource most projects will either be delayed or incur extra costs.
RamPiping have their own range of generators available to ensure continuous powers supply and working momentum for the tasks and projects at hand.

Our Product Range

RamPiping has an extensive range of both Thermoplastic and Steel Piping to fit the requirements of most projects. We will work with you to interpret, understand and implement your project requirements. In addition we will assist you in finding any product we might not have to ensure successful completion of your project.
Our Range Includes:
• HDPE Thermoplastic Piping
• LDPE Thermoplastic Piping
• Poly Propolene Piping
• uPVC Thermoplastic Piping
• mPVC Thermoplastic
• Steel Piping (excluding stainless steel)

Area: 840m2
Laydown: 320m2

This area provides RamPiping with the ability to take on and successfully execute all the possible project requirements of our clients.

Buying Department
One of the most critical elements of any project is to ensure the purchase of the correct components of the project before its inception. Nothing has a greater impact on the costing and profitability of a project than wrong components at the site.

RamPiping has a fully functional Buying Department staffed with vastly experienced people who have the knowledge and understanding of the plastics industry to ensure the acquisition of the correct and appropriate components.