"A soldier is just as good as the equipment he takes to war"


Black Economic Empowerment

RamPiping’s commitment to BEE is not just based on a moral belief to redress the wrongs of the past but it is a serious growth strategy aimed at positioning ourselves as a competitive and serious company. RamPiping is further committed to building an organisation that can meet the needs of all its stakeholders. This is only possible if all employees, clients and shareholders feel deeply proud of their association with RamPiping.

RamPiping and its stakeholders understand that empowerment is a complex issue and that if not carefully considered can evoke strong emotions. As a consequence all discussions and decisions around BEE are done with the utmost respect for all parties involved. RamPiping has recently signed as tatement of intent in addition to the action we have already started to implement. (See appendix 1)

RamPiping is classified as a medium size enterprise with its turnover ranging between R5 million and R30 Million.

RamPiping has undertaken and implemented the following actions:

• Skills development and learnership for previously disadvantaged staff
• Procurement spend from SMME must be based on their BEE credential.
• Commitment to Enterprise Development by forming strategic alliances with our suppliers to provide them with expertise and advise to ensure the effective delivery and completion of complex projects.
• Commitment to Socio-economic development

These actions must be seen as the start of RamPiping’s continued commitment to support, comply and demonstrate its commitment to the objectives of BEE.

Who Trust Us
• Ramfab
• Group 5 Civils & Energy
• Cyclone projects
• Group 5 Projects
• Bophelong Construction
• Egoli Gas
• Lone Rock Construction