Thermoplastic (HDPE, Polypropylene, UPVC, MPVC, OPVC)  GRE (fibreglass reinforced Epoxy Pipe) and Ferro Steel Piping is our business. Our expertise is to provide specialised construction services in the Piping fields. We have been servicing the Mines, Mining Houses, Mining Plants, Civil Houses and installations since our inception. We have extensive experience in the Gold, Coal and Diamond Sectors.

Founded in 2006 by Christo Swanepoel, our company was built on the principles to be able to provide our valued clients with the necessary skill, expertise and advice before, during and after decisions have been made.

We understand that entering into large complex capital intensive projects is never an easy decision. At RamPiping Systems, we recognise that these decisions can take a long-time to be finalised.

We operate throughout the Southern African Regions and are currently expanding into the rest of Africa


NOV Fiber Glass Systems, an American based company, is the leading worldwide manufacturer of fibreglass reinforced epoxy (GRE) products used for both onshore and offshore corrosion control in a variety of low to high pressure oil field applications.

Why GRE Products

NOV Fibre Glass Systems share solutions for Mining & Mineral processing, with a wide selection of light-weight abrasion resistant & corrosion-proof piping systems will provide you with the install-it-forget-it-reliability you need in remote and demanding environments.

Our GRE and HDPE Hybrid pipe gives you the durability of HDPE but with pressures greater than 103 Bar even at 82 Degrees Celsius. With manufacturing facilities located throughout the world, they provide composite piping systems, fittings, and structures to the oil and gas, chemical, marine, offshore, fuel handling, and mining industries. (www.nov.com)


RamPiping Systems has an extensive range of both Thermoplastic, GRE and Steel Piping to fit the requirements of most projects. As projects and job specification may differ from client to client, we will work with you to interpret, understand and implement your project requirements. We will also assist you in finding any product we might not have to ensure the successful completion of your project.


RamPiping Systems has a fully functional Buying Department, which is staffed with vastly experienced people. These people have the knowledge and understanding of the plastics industry to ensure the acquisition of the correct and appropriate components.

This department is critical to the completion of a project as it ensures the purchase of the correct components of the project before its inception. Nothing has a greater impact on the costing and profitability of a project than wrong components at the site